Current Lab Members


Dr. Kristine Glunde, Professor of Radiology and Oncology


Post-doctoral Fellows

Dr. Kanchan Sonkar

Dr. Caitlin Tressler

Positions open


Research Technologists

Menglin Cheng


Undergraduate Students

Ruoqing Robin Cai, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, 2016 – present

Vinay Ayyappan, Biomedical Engineering, 2016 – present


Previous Lab Members

Post-doctoral Fellows

Dr. Asif Rizwan, 2013-2015

Dr. Maria Dung Cao, 2013

Dr. Jannie Wijnen, 2011-2012

Dr. Lu Jiang, 2009-2015


Graduate Students

Mailin Döpkens, 2009

Nesrin M. Hasan, 2007-2008


Undergraduate Students

Chandruganesh Rasendran, Chemical Engineering Undergraduate, Summer Student 2015

Anusha Kalaichelvan, Health Sciences Undergraduate, Summer Student 2014

Camille Bulte, Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate, Summer Student 2014

Alexandra Payne, Biology Undergraduate, 2010-2013

Stephanie Valarezo, Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate, 2010-2012


Research Technologists

Tiffany R. Greenwood, 2005-2013


Mentees from Other Labs

Santosh Paidi, PhD Student, 2015-present

Chao Zheng, MD, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow, 2014-2015

Wenxuan Liang, PhD Student, 2013-present

Jiefeng Xi, PhD Student, 2013-present

Dr. Gunnsteinn Hall, Post-doctoral Fellow, 2013-present

Dr. Ulf Kahlert, Post-doctoral Fellow, 2013-2015

Nadine Mascini, PhD Student, 2012-present

Dr. Yuying Zhang, Post-doctoral Fellow, 2010-2013

Maria Dung Cao, PhD Student, 2010-2012

Samata Kakkad, PhD Student, 2009-2013

Kamila Chughtai, PhD Student, 2009-2012

Erika Amstalden, PhD Student, 2006-2011

Dr. Cong Li, Post-doctoral Fellow, 2005-2008